You're here to make lasting impact,

but you don't know what to say

you're confused, and so is your audience.


The good news is,

your clear message is closer than you think

all you need is your story.


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StoryArc Sessions

- 3 months of live group coaching with Alex to help you become a dynamic communicator


you will feel clear about your signature story,

you will feel confident to speak your message,

and you will begin to create lasting impact


you will transform from confusion to clarity in just a few weeks


"StoryArc started transforming my business over and over, making it easier to quickly connect with my audience"

Lia | TEDX Speaker, Author, Consultant

“Through these sessions I've found more clarity than any coach I've ever worked with.

Nathan | Speaker, Author, Coach

“I am able to see how my own transformation can impact others.”

Andrea | Podcast Host, Mindset Coach

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In StoryArc Sessions group coaching you will get:


- 3 months of weekly Connection and Learning - with Alex Street to enhance your messaging

- Clarity in Your Story - all the proven tools and techniques from Alex's 1:1 StoryArc Coaching

- Live Audience Feedback - share your message and get real-time feedback in a safe setting

- Community Support - collaborate, exchange ideas, and grow together

- Communication Mastery - develop your skills as a speaker, so you stand out from the crowd

- *Exclusive* 1:1 Coaching - call with Alex, tailored to your specific needs. 

*StoryArc Sessions*

session two: 

June 4th - August 20th

calls are Tuesdays 2pm EDT

StoryArc Sessions

$2000 or $750/mth

  • FOR speakers, personal brands, and leaders
  • Clarify your story & elevate your speaking skills
  • 8 Live Coaching sessions, focused on Storytelling & Speaking skill development
  • 2 StoryArc Slam events, for you to practice sharing your message for an audience
  • One 30-min 1:1 StoryArc Coaching Call with Alex
  • Maximum 20 members (minimum 6)
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You know storytelling is important, but you think:


"My story is too big!”
“What does my storytelling have to do with my business?”
“I need to focus on sales & strategy first.”
“I know stories are important, but I’m just not a good storyteller.”
“My story is way too confusing!”


You shouldn’t have to feel CONFUSED anymore,

and neither should your audience


StoryArc Sessions is the place to find the CLARITY you've been longing for, so you believe:


"My story is powerful!”
“Storytelling enhances every aspect of my business.
“Sales & strategy are more simple than ever.”
“I'm not just good, I'm a great storyteller!”
“My story is so clear, and easy to share.”
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"I feel confident now to get on stage and share my story. And that confidence was not there before."

Taylor | Entrepreneur

"Because of StoryArc Coaching you'll be able to better understand why you do what you do, and then communicate that with clarity."

Maria | Co-Founder, 'Social Snippet'

“I was able to create a solid framework that I feel confident about for future speaking events.”

Shay | Confidence Coach

Are you ready to revolutionize your storytelling and create a lasting impact with your brand?


StoryArc Sessions is a dynamic group coaching program led by Alex Street, where you'll learn to clarify your story and create lasting impact.


Can I tell you a story?


I was always so clear that I would be on stage, impacting an audience. But over 20+ years of acting, speaking, and leading, I often felt a disconnect with my audience.

I had something to share, I was giving them what I thought they wanted, but I was confused because they weren't responding how I hoped or expected.

Then, in 2019 I joined an Entrepreneur Mastermind, and clarity come flooding back. When I introduced myself to the group, I didn't talk about my business idea, I talked about my hopes and my story. I thought I missed the mark again.

I sat down, feeling like I'd never quite get it right, and one of the other members leaned over to say, "You need to teach us to speak like you do. Your storytelling is your superpower."


after building StoryArc Coaching as a 1:1 offer, and bringing clarity for business owners around the world, StoryArc Sessions has a clear mission, help dynamic leaders find and share their signature story, to create lasting impact.


Using the StoryArc Method Alex guides people through simple structures to identify your signature story and create a message you are proud to be known for.

With StoryArc Sessions, we will create an exciting, energetic, and expansive community that focuses entirely on making you a captivating communicator of your signature message.

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Still not sure?

Let’s start things off with an introductory call.
You’ll get to ask me any questions you have and I’ll get to know a bit about you and your business to make sure this is the right fit for you.
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