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Can I tell you a story?




Maybe you’re like me, and you know you’ve got a message to share, you’re just not sure how to get it out there.

I always wanted to tell stories, just like my mom (an actress) and my dad (a photographer). I thought that meant I would be an actor, too, but at 17 years old someone gave me a chance to speak on stage to a group of teens and it lit a spark within me.

You know that feeling right, when something comes alive and you can’t ignore it?

Like an alarm clock going off, you can keep trying to sleep but it’s impossible to go back to what you were.

I thought I’d be a famous actor, but I took a left turn to be a Youth Pastor - I chose a clear path over my deep passion. And yet, I soon came to realize my passion was for performing, and there was plenty of space to perform while speaking to an audience from the stage every week for 12 years, and at over 100 live events during the last two decades.

If you’re like every other communicator I’ve met, you could use a little more confidence. Confidence in your message, your performance, and your story.

I found the confidence I was looking for when my mother told me (in her last days) what she valued most about performing was the opportunity to give the audience a gift, the gift of entertainment.

At that instant I realized that Public Speaking isn’t about a transaction - you give information, the audience receives it. This is about creating moments that matter.

You and I are creating moments to connect with the audience and make a lasting impact.

The question is: do you know why your story matters to the world?

Or, are you wasting your opportunities by talking about what you do more than who you are and why you do it?

- your story is more important than your services -

My story is the reason I care about you today.

The opportunity that was given to me at 17 years old is the spark I needed,

the thousands of hours I’ve put into practicing and performing is all the authority necessary,

the experience with my mom is the WHY behind it all,

and now I believe with all my heart that you have the same powerful story to tell.

And here’s the best part, your story gives your business a strong WHY, which leads to a crystal clear WHAT you do, and will have your audience begging to know HOW they can work with you.

I'll help you stand out with your story so you make a massive impact and never go unheard again.

#1 - StoryArc Coaching with Alex

With Alex’s signature StoryArc Coaching process you will clarify your brand story, develop your main message, and create content that stands out from the crowd.
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#2 - Keynote & Workshop Speaking

“Alex Street is a top professional speaker, not just in terms of speaking skill but in terms of content. As a speaker to over 3 million people myself, I can say he’s someone to keep note of.
He’s funny, creative and delivers every time I’ve heard him. ”

-Gerry Robert, bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset

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#3 - No Boring Stories podcast

Weekly podcast with Alex sharing his signature storytelling tools and guest with outstanding Founder's stories - all to help you use Storytelling to grow your business

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