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Your Story Matters

When Alex takes the stage or leads a workshop, he simplifies the idea of 'your story' into something so inspirational that the audience always leaves with newfound clarity and excitement for the work they're doing.

Leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs will be motivated to take action as Alex reminds them, they are working towards something meaningful.

Here's what Hosts & Audiences are saying about Alex

"When Alex takes the stage and tells his story, the audience is immediately captivated. The chatter dissolves and the rustling stills in anticipation of what Alex will say next
Miriam Laundry | Author & Founder of Miriam Laundry Publishing, host Believe Live
"Alex had the crowd in awe; how he randomly picked someone in the audience to help craft her story and present it back so concisely and emotionally moving was nothing short of brilliant - be sure to book him -best decision we ever made."
Chris Emmanuel | President & CEO, Newmarket Chamber of Commerce
“Alex Street is a top professional speaker, not just in terms of speaking skill but in terms of content. He’s someone to keep note of. He’s funny, creative and delivers every time I’ve heard him. ”
Gerry Robert | bestselling author of The Millionaire Mindset, international top Speaker
"Alex Street’s coaching was a pivotal part of our event’s success, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to empower their audience with the skills and mindset needed for impactful communication"


Ashley DeLand | Founder & CEO, Maison De Land
Book Alex to speak at your next event





Harnessing Individual Stories to Drive the Collective Mission


Experience the transformative power of aligning personal stories with the organizational mission. Discover how crafting a compelling narrative reignites individual purpose and strengthens team cohesion, fostering authentic connections. 

Witness the ripple effect as ‘your story’ becomes part of ‘our story’ and resonates with consumers, helping them connect with ‘their story’ and driving meaningful engagement at all levels.




5 Pathways to Becoming a Fearless Communicator


In this interactive keynote, Alex Street will unveil the secrets to fearless communication, sharing five essential tricks to help you become a confident and compelling communicator.

Drawing from his extensive experience as an actor and public speaker, Alex will guide you through techniques to overcome shame, anxiety, and comparison, while crafting powerful messages and connecting authentically with your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned speaker or new to the stage, you'll gain practical insights to elevate your speaking skills. Step into your full potential and command your stage with confidence and charisma.




Turn Your Transformation Story into a Powerful Tool for Success


Explore a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with "The Storyarc Method," where the audience will discover the significance of their personal transformation from who they were to who they are now.

This deeply engaging session inspires attendees to craft a clear story that not only propels professional success (what you do) but also enhances personal fulfillment (why you do it). Discover how the innovative Storyarc Method™ skillfully clarifies and articulates your signature story, creating alignment between your passions, purpose, and profession, leading to lasting impact.



*All Keynotes are available as Half-day or Full-day Workshops*

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