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1:1 StoryCoaching

Have clarity on your personal brand story

Be confident as you show up on your stage

Know your ideal audience and connect with them authentically

Develop a reputation you are proud of

Gain sales that are off the charts with more income than ever before

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Here's what past Fearless Speaker's Academy members are saying about their experience

"Because I joined the FSA I am able to step into my calling."

Ashley, Business Coach


"I am able speak in front of the camera with more confidence, with the clear message I want to send to my audience"

Jennifer, Salon Owner

"My core values came out of this coaching, allowing me to take another step to owning my business "

Brian, Performance Coach

“I was able to see how my own transformation can impact others.”

Andrea, Podcast Host & Mindset Coach

“I was able to create a solid framework that I feel confident about for future speaking events.”

Shay, Confidence Coach

“Not only do I have clarity, but I now have a structure. This is what’s going to give me the cash-flow I need.”

Crystal, Positive Mindset Coach

You know storytelling is important, but you think:


"My story is too big!”

“What does my storytelling have to do with my business?”

“I need to focus on sales & strategy first.”

“I know stories are important, but I’m just not a good storyteller.”

“My story is way too confusing!”


You shouldn’t have to feel confused anymore,

and neither should your audience

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"Because I joined the Fearless Speakers Academy I am now able to move forward with confidence in sharing the authentic me!"

Gordon, Entrepreneur

"I now believe that I can turn my mess into my message!"

Debbie, Psychotherapist & Host

"I will be able to put myself out in front of others with the belief that I have something worthy to share."

Julie, Wellness Coach

“Because of Alex holding space for me, I was able to make peace with my story, and am now confident there are other women who can relate. I am looking forward to huge growth - both personally and in my business.”

Kristy, Meal Prep & Wellness Coach

What's included in the Fearless Speakers Academy for you?



  • A clear transformation statement
  • Confidence in your WHY
  • See your story as an arc
  • One 90-minute session
  • Access to recording and notes from session
  • 1 month support with Alex (M-F)
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Brand StoryCoaching

  • Turn your story into your main message
  • Develop an outline for your next speaking op
  • Create daily social media content ideas
  • Three 90-minute sessions
  • Access to session recordings and notes
  • 1:1 support from Alex throughout
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Speaker StoryCoaching

  • Stand out with your brand's story
  • Practice and perfect your performance
  • Create copy & content plans
  • Six 90-minute sessions
  • *Includes Advanced package details
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