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Tell me about 1:1 StoryCoaching

Your story is more important
than your services

Your story is more important
than your services

Uncover Your Story

Your story matters to you, now discover how it matters to the world

Clarify Your Message

Turn your mess into a message you will use on any platform

Stand Out From The Crowd

Create content to captivate your audience and grow your impact




Hi, I'm Alex.

And if you’re like me you want to speak up but something keeps getting in the way.

I’ve been telling stories all my life as an actor, youth pastor, and public speaker, but I was so afraid the audience wouldn’t like me that I held myself back and was constantly confused about what to say. For 20 years I was frustrated because I wasn’t making the impact I knew I could. 

Then I enrolled in a program with other entrepreneurs who quickly helped me see that my story matters and my voice is needed in this world. 

Now there’s nothing in my way! I’m showing up more confident than ever to help people uncover their signature story, clarify their message, and speak without fear.

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It's Time To Move from 
Confused to Confident


You know you have something to say but you're confused...

When you try to speak up you keep getting stuck in your fears. 

You’re freezing up instead of showing up. 

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

You deserve to be heard. You should be seen.

It’s time to become more confident than ever and make your big impact in this world. 

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Here's what Alex's clients are saying about their experience...


"I am now able to create a talk that captures people's attention and leaves them wanting more!"

Ashley, Business Coach

"Because I joined the FSA I am able to step into my calling"

Jennifer, Salon Owner

"I am able to speak in front of the camera with more confidence, with the clear message I want to send to my audience."


“Not only do I have clarity, but I now have a structure. This is what’s going to give me the cash-flow I need.”


“I was able to see how my own transformation can impact others.”


“I learned a lot from our 1-1 that has since been validated! My purpose and my core values came out of the 1-1 coaching that has allowed me to take another step into owning my business.”

What's holding you back from being an effective communicator?

You're not shy, you're scared...

  • You're scared the audience doesn't trust you
  • You're scared they won't like you if you're honest
  • You're scared you won't be good enough
  • You're scared of looking stupid
  • You're scared of not making the impact you're here to make

But, you deserve to be heard.

We need what you have.


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Become a Fearless Speaker Today

In the Fearless Speakers Academy you'll have access to...

  • Live Group Coaching Calls with Alex twice a month

  • Weekly challenges to make your speaking magical

  • Frameworks to help you clarify your message 

  • Private Facebook Community

  • Exclusive bonus program offers

In the Fearless Speaker Academy you will be guided through Alex's Fearless Framework to help you stand out with your story & sell your services like never before. 

Monthly Topics Include...

Becoming Fearless

  • What the fear of public speaking really is
  • 5 fears that are holding you back

Feeling Shy

  • How to build trust with an online audience

  • Starting out strong in your speech

 Your Signature Story

  • Uncover your story with the Transformation Story Arc
  • Turning your story into a message that matters

Curing Imposter Syndrome

  • The cure for comparison
  • Creating content that isn’t perfect

Building Your Own Stage

  • How to start speaking to your ideal audience now
  • Practicing, Performing, and Pitching

....and so much more 

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FSA members feel seen and heard.

They know they're in good hands as I teach them, listen to them, and continually bring them back to what matters most - their inspirational story.

FSA members stand out
and sell their transformation

With me as their coach, they laugh, learn, and always feel more confidence to stand out and sell the transformation they bring.  

FSA members are more confident speakers

This membership is going to make you a more confident speaker, and I know that if you can up level your speaking, you can reach goals you never thought you could.

More of Alex's clients share their experiences...


"I no longer believe I have to fit into a box to connect and build a business."


"Being able to dig deeper into my story helped me uncover more of my purpose."


"Because of the Fearless Speakers Academy I finally launched my podcast Pointe to Rise!"


"I can now step out into previously intimidating situations and perform as my highest self!"


“Because of Alex holding space for me, I was able to make peace with my story, and am now confident there are other women who can relate. I am looking forward to huge growth - both personally and in my business.”


“I was able to create a solid framework that I feel confident about for future speaking events.”