Speaker StoryArc Coaching

Six (6) StoryArc Coaching 1:1 Sessions - working together for up to 5 months, we'll Clarify Your Signature Story, we'll Develop Your Main Message, and we'll help you Stand Out as we Make Your Performance Magical + PLUS a *speaking breakdown* by Alex on one of your live speaking opportunities.

The Main Sessions (90 minutes) will cover 6 parts of your Storytelling & Speaking:

Part 1 - We'll dive into your story, and end up with a clarity on your "Transformation Stroy" so that you are already more confident as you share elements of your important journey so far.

Part 2 - We'll begin to StoryBoard your signature speech, using the Transformation Story to create an outline for the message you want to be known for. Working through my creative process I've used for 20 years as a speaker we'll make your message abundantly clear for your ideal audience.

Part 3 - Let's develop the content - we'll get specific on the outline, as you also start to write out the major parts of the speech.

Part 4 - We get into the nitty gritty details of speaking here; developing your script and slides, and editing everything so it's authentic to your transformational message.

Part 5 - Your chance to perform. Put it all together, present your talk to me, and then we'll pick it apart together so you're stronger than ever as a speaker.

Part 6 - *After you deliver the speech* Alex will watch a recording of the talk, and break it down with plenty of ideas for improvement


- Have a complete and clear Keynote speech ready for a 15 min, or 45 min speech from the stage.

- We'll make sure we get abundantly clear on the strength of your story to connect with and attract your ideal audience so they never forget you, and become a stand out speaker!

More Details:

- We'll meet for our main 90-minute sessions over Zoom, using the meeting room link sent to you after you book the sessions.

 - You'll also get five 15-minute check-in phone calls with Alex to make sure you're on track with your development, these will take place between the main sessions.

- Alex will guide you during the sessions, but in this case, the bulk of the work is done outside our Main Sessions together. You will be responsible to writing your speech, creating the slides, and booking any speaking opportunities. Alex will direct you with actions to take between sessions to embrace and implement the work we developed in the Main Sessions.

--eg. After part 1: Listen/watch the recording. Read through the Transformation Story breakdown created for you. Decide on a Transformation Statement that aligns with you. Show up online and share your transformation story.

--eg. After part 4: Listen/watch the recording. Create a 'good copy' of your Signature Talk.

- Estimated time required for each 'Part', including Main Sessions & Check-In Calls = 2.5-5hours / month.

$8,495.00 USD

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