Everything you need to move past your fear, so that you can...

  • Build Trust

  • Share Your Story

  • Stop Comparison

  • Make an Impact

  • Be in Community

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...show up with your message and shape this world!


Imagine what's possible for you with this video from Alex

In the Fearless Speakers Academy you will identify your main fears, take action to overcome them, and start to show up authentically to the world.

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Here's what past FSA members are saying about their experience

"Because I joined the FSA I am able to step into my calling."

Ashley, Business Coach


"I am able speak in front of the camera with more confidence, with the clear message I want to send to my audience"

Jennifer, Salon Owner

"My core values came out of this coaching, allowing me to take another step to owning my business "

Brian, Performance Coach

It's time to finally Crush Your Fears

I get it, I've been there...

You know you have something to say, but when you go to turn on the camera, to show up on Instagram, to share your story, or connect with your audience you freeze up and turn it off, then feel like crap and want to throw your phone in the trash.


you have all kinds of opportunities to speak to groups of people, on your team, at events, and on a podcast, and yet you are holding back. You feel uncomfortable every single time, and don't feel authentic when you're speaking.


you are sick and tired of comparing yourself to everyone else, feeling like you don't have what it takes, and holding back on living the life you dream of.

The Fearless Speakers Academy will,

  1. Give you the tricks and tools you need to show up and build trust, share your story, and create community.
  2. Be a safe place for you to be honest about your fears, and get courage to move through them. 
  3. Make you a more confident speaker, business owner, parent, partner, & friend as you make your impact in this world.
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"Because I joined the Fearless Speakers Academy I am now able to move forward with confidence in sharing the authentic me!"

Gordon, Entrepreneur

"I now believe that I can turn my mess into my message!"

Debbie, Psychotherapist & Host



"I will be able to put myself out in front of others with the belief that I have something worthy to share."

Julie, Wellness Coach


Find the Clarity You Deserve...

  • 6 weekly 90-minute Group Coaching calls, with Alex and a few guest speakers working on your mindset and key performance techniques to help you SHOW UP
  • One 30-minute 1 on 1 Session with Alex to work through YOUR specific problem that needs work and attention
  • Worksheets & Assignments to keep you on track and make sure you grow as a communicator
  • Access to a Private Instagram Group Chat with members, and all the group call videos for 6 months, so you can go back and catch something you missed
  • The “Make Speaking Magical” video course - a 7 module course to help you perfect your performance

Total value: over $4000




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